Theatre Info


Price List

Regular - $12.50

Teen (13-17) - $10.00

Child (6-12) - $5.00

Infant (0-5) - FREE

Triple Feature - +$2.50

Sunday - $15/Carload *Triple Features Excluded*

*Prices Subject to Change at any time*

 There are NO Refunds to admission. Passes may be issued in case of emergency or cancellation due to weather etc... 



The Port Hope Drive In does NOT allow ANY outside food or drinks on the grounds. If you are caught with it, you may be asked to leave without refund.
This theatre, like all theatres, stays operational through its concession sales. 

Contrary to popular opinion, we make very little off of box office sales. 70% of all ticket sales go to the movie studios while another 13% go to taxes.

This business provides local employment for 9 part-time employees throughout our summer season. So we will not back down on this policy.


This is a dog friendly business, we ask only that you "poop and scoop"

We currently only take cash at the Box Office. There is an Interac machine in the concession

No smoking near the building

Hatches must be kept in line with your roof so that patrons behind you can clearly see the screen

Large vehicles such as Vans, Trucks, and SUVs are not allowed in the first three rows indicated with pink poles

New Comer? No problem! Read this handy guide!

Step 1 - Pull up to the ticket booth and buy ticket. We DO NOT allow any outside food or drink.

Step 2 - Park your vehicle in the apropriate row: small vehicles can park anywhere, large vehicles (vans, trucks, SUVs) can't park in the first three rows

Step 3- Tune your radio to the apropriate station to hear the movie: 92.3FM

Step 4- Shut off your headlights: turn off your car and switch off your lights leaving only your radio on or put your emergency/parking brake on to run the car without your lights on

Step 5- After the show put your garbage in the available bins. If your car does not start, your battery has died and you will require a boost/jump. Proceed to the front of the building or front cash if the concession is still open and one of the staff will provide you with this service for the nominal fee of $5

Step 6- Exit to the RIGHT side of the screen only

Step 7- Tell all your friends how awesome it was

to keep us in business!